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June Fishing Conditions for the Missouri

June 6, 2024

Our anglers battled the elements this week as strong winds swept the Missouri! Fishing was still good to excellent on the upper reaches, however, the wind definitely subdued our hatches. Anglers also found success targeting the lower reaches of the river closer to Cascade. Missouri River flows are at 5,640 CFS. Water temperatures are stable around 51-52°F.

Dry fly fishing should pop off on days with less wind! PMD and caddis eats have been had at calmer moments. Spinner eats have also taken a large number of our dry fly fish.

Nymphing has been the most consistent, with a large variety of flies producing fish. Split-case PMDs, wire worms, zirdles, sow bugs and caddis nymphs have all produced quality trout.

Streamer fishing has been slow-to-good, but is a great option for punching through the wind on these blustery spring days.

Drop us a line, and we'll see you soon at the ranch!



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