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Untouched, backcountry trout and incredible hopper fishing!

February 8, 2023

August is a hidden gem in the Missouri River Valley. Bright sun and blue skies provide the perfect backdrop for your next fly fishing adventure. The banks of the Missouri River buzz with hoppers & terrestrials. Anglers anticipate voracious eats as they present ants & hoppers to large trout in skinny water!

Summer in Montana is the perfect time to shed the waders, and enjoy walk-and-wade trips in our tributaries and alpine streams. Ask us about opportunities for chasing wild cutthroat, brookies and rainbows right on the cusp of the continental divide! Explore the beautiful backcountry of Montana with our passionate and seasoned guide staff, while casting terrestrials to untouched and un-pressured trout.

For angler’s seeking a challenge, the Missouri River offers the best carp fly fishing in the country. Imagine yourself on the bow of a flats skiff, casting to 15+ lbs fish, that are tailing in the skinniest of water. Or drifting over pods of rising carp, who will take hopper patterns as readily as a 20" brown trout. Prepare for you next saltwater fly fishing trip, as you fight these fish well into your backing.

With daylight stretching well into the evenings, our guests enjoy playing lawn games such as horseshoes or cornhole, taking long walks on our scenic riverside paths and having craft cocktails by the fire. Challenge yourself to the MRR casting course, or chase another trophy trout along our private river access.

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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