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Tricos, Caddis, Ants & Hoppers- Dry Fly Paradise!

July 22, 2022

Fly Fishing Update: The Tricos are here! This hatch is nothing short of legendary. Each morning (and evening), thick plumes of Tricos can be seen coming off the river like plumes of smoke. Trout are gorging themselves on spinners throughout the entire river system. Summer dry fly fishing does not get better than this. The beautiful summer season is also here at the ranch. Minimal rain, clear starry nights, and lots of water (4,000+ CFS) on the Mo! The alfalfa and barley have been harvested, and our guests are enjoying long evening strolls through the fields with a delicious cocktail. Or enjoying the warm summer nights Trico spinners, and sunken Tricos are the name of the game. Caddis present a good secondary hatch. The dry fly fishing is at it's summer peak. Tricos are present along the entire river, are as ants, hoppers and caddis. If fish are being picky, trail a sunken spinner behind a hi-vis Trico. Anglers choosing to present a dry fly are being well rewarded. Just mind your drifts and those summer weeds! Nymphing continues to produce fish when the sun and wind prohibit quality dry fly fishing. Guests have had great success fishing frenchies, green machines, and zirdles. Streamer fishing has slowed significantly, but swung presentations have reportedly had minor success. Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!

Missouri River Ranch



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