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This week produced unbelievable fish!

May 3, 2023

Fly Fishing Update:

April finished off in an incredible fashion and we are so excited for the month of May! This last week brought our guests beautiful weather, outstanding fishing and even better evening enjoying Chef Patrick's cooking at the ranch.

Flows are currently in the ballpark of 5,900 while water temperatures remain in the low 40's. The smaller tributaries to the Missouri are in full runoff mode and will continue to push off-color water for at least the next three weeks. Areas directly downstream of these tributaries can be slightly more difficult to fish but do still offer ample opportunities

Bug activity continues to be high but elevated flows are stifling dry fly action. Mats of midges, pockets of BWOs and even a few March Browns/Skwalas (if you know where to look) are coming off. The best dry fly action can be found in the evening. Focus on finding calmer pockets of water and you’ll locate some heads.

Nymphing continues to bring the most fish to hand. Wireworms and hot-bead sows are by far the most effective patterns. Extra weight is not necessary, but a good 6-7' from your indicator to first fly is ideal. If you're not touching fish, try running a bit shorter. Please avoid gravel bars as the rainbow trout are into their spawn!

Streamer fishing is an excellent way to switch it up from nymphing! Large fish have been caught by focusing on fishing right to structure (casting right up onto the banks). White patterns have been doing well, allowing the angler a stark contrast against stained waters.

Chef Patrick has a history of catching unique and incredibly large fish from Montana rivers... this week was no exception. He and guide Paul Bloch landed multiple 20"+ trout and the Walleye of a lifetime!

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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