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The time to be on the 'Mo is right now!

October 5, 2023

Fly Fishing Update:

With a little over three weeks left in our season, there is so much in store! October is the time to be on the Missouri. From aggressive streamer eats to dense BWO hatches, there's something for everyone. Flows are at 4,030 CFS and the water temps are sitting at 57.8°F.

Fall dry fly fishing is picking up! Want to see a big dry get crushed while skittering on the surface? Tie on an orange chubby and pick off a few trout that are keyed in on October Caddis. Keen to test your skills? Fish small Adams to trout keyed in on Pseudo. Or better yet, wait for the river temp to drop into the low 50's and be amazed at the BWO buffet.

Nymphers are geared up for non-stop action. Shallow or deep, nymphing any run this time of year will produce excellent fish. With these water temps, the fish are fired up and eating/fighting hard. Be prepared for an all-day-full-body workout if you choose to fish subsurface.

Streamer fishing is here to stay! Two handed swinging,single hand stripping, floating lines or sink-tips... the streamer crowd is connecting with every method. Grab some thin-mints and olive buggers and get ready to come tight!

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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