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The Dry Fly Bite is Here!

June 21, 2023

Fly Fishing Update: The river has continued to fall to 10,300 CFS, and fish are looking up river wide! Despite multiple days of rain, we finally have some sunshine on the MO. The water temperature is hovering right at 60°F and bug life is really beginning to pop off. As water levels continue to fall, the quality of fishing will continue to increase! PMDs are popping off in the morning, and thick Caddis hatches can be seen in the afternoon and evenings! Fish are tucked away in side channels, hugging the bank, and using breakwaters to feed recklessly on PMD spinners and egg-laying caddis. Find a pod, anchor up, and make sure that reach cast is dialed in. Morning and evenings have been exceptional. Nymphing both deep and short is working. A varied approach works best. Begin deep, mending zirdles off of banks and gravel bars. Follow up your point fly with a sow-bug or wireworm and hang on! As fish begin to move up in the water column, short leasing a thin mint to a sow-bug can be the ticket. Streamer fishing can still produce, but tends to be more productive with some cloud cover. Fishing thin-mints and olive buggers low and slow have produced a few nice fish. This is definitely the time of year to grab your dry fly rod, but having a streamer rigged up can save the day.

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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