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Snowy Rainbows, a Ranch Wedding, and Thank You to All!

November 2, 2023

Fly Fishing Update:

We want to take the time to thank each you for an outstanding 2023! From weddings at the ranch, to new friends and wonderful moments on the river, this was a remarkable season on the Missouri. We have so much to look forward to in 2024, as we remember our incredible times on the banks of the Missouri river this year.

The snow squall from last week has subsided and given way to great weather and good conditions for the beginning of November! Daytime temperatures are currently in the mid-40°F range. Flows are sitting just below the 3,700 CFS mark and the water temps are sitting around 49°F.

Dry fly anglers are making their presence known! Timing the hatch is of critical importance, but anglers who know where to look are hooking into small pods of rising fish on baetis and smaller parachute flies. The water temperature is getting into the sweet spot for fall dry fly fishing!

The nymphing bite continues to be solid. Fewer boats are out this week, but nymph anglers continue to do great work. Sow bug imitations are the hot-ticket right now. Anglers are catching fish river-wide and all day long while nymphing.

Streamer fishing is not only the best way to stay warm, but the best way to connect with aggressive fall fish! This is the time to get the blood pumping by stripping streamers on the 'Mo. Smaller patterns, olive buggers, black leeches and thin mints are always the ticket.

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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