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Big Hoppers = Big Browns!

August 16, 2023

Fly Fishing Update:

Our cooler weather has been replaced by quite the heatwave, with daytime temps topping 100°F. Trips are still leaving early and returning mid-afternoon to experience the best fishing and protect our resource. Flows have come down to 4,400 CFS and the water temperature is currently 64°F.

Spinnerfalls are still present! Early mornings are still producing decent Trico activity. It has waned slightly since last week, but anglers are still fooling plenty of strong Missouri River trout! Hoppers, ants and pseudos are also on the menu. This is the time of year to focus on either hunting specific heads with spinners, or committing to blind casting hoppers.

Nymphing is solid and continues through the mid-afternoon. While the waters heat up midday, and dry fly activity wanes, the nymph bite has continued to produce. Weight flies, frenchies, zebra midges and dead-drifted thinmints have all taken fish.

Streamer fishing reports will remain quiet until cooler temperatures return!

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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