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Spring Fishing Heats up on the Missouri

March 17, 2022

Weather has been variable in the Missouri River valley, but fishing has been incredibly consistent. We've seen snow squalls (pray for more!), persistent wind, rain, negative temperatures, and unseasonably warm days. Make sure to pack some layers! Dry fly fishing has been phenomenal (weather permitting) for this time of year. Fish are keyed in on solid midge hatches. Overcast days with minimal winds have produced the best action, typically in the afternoon. Look at the forecast, pick a relatively calm day, and come enjoy some legendary Mo' river dry action. Nymph fishing has been, unsurprisingly, the most consistent method. Sow bug patterns, fished deep, are solidly producing large fish. Can't go wrong there. Streamer fishing has produced well, with the author observing a larger class of fish. Which streamers? Olive. Small. Maybe something flashy if the sun peeks out. Retrieve? Mix it up. Some fish want slow ticks, others want fast rips. Find what works best for you and stay after it. One final note, rainbow trout are entering the spawn. Rainbows are the most prolific species in our waters, so anglers are taking extra measures to handle their catch carefully, and properly release the fish to keep stress to a minimum. Please do not fish to, or step on, a rainbow trout's redd (spawning bed). Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!

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