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June fishing is on the horizon!

May 30, 2024

As June rapidly approaches, the Missouri is in fine shape. Anglers riverwide are awaiting consistent hatches of PMDs and caddis, while taking advantage of excellent nymphing and prime flows for floating the Dearborn! This is the time of year to do a once-in-a-lifetime float down the iconic canyons of our favorite Missouri River tributary. Missouri River flows are at 5,950 CFS. Water temperatures are stable around 51°F.

Dry fly fishing is in a transitionary period. Sporadic hatches of caddis and smaller BWOs are still bringing fish to the surface, but all of Craig is eagerly awaiting a more consistent and prolific hatch of PMDs to really fire up the fishery.

Nymphing continues to be strong. Anglers are still finding great success with short-leash nymphing. Depending on conditions, fish are moving into shallower and faster water this time of year. Think outside of your early spring nymphing water and you'll find some surprising hook-ups!

Streamer fishing will continue to produce fish as the water temps remain in the low 50°F range. However, it definitely is not producing fish to the same degree as it did earlier this month. 

Drop us a line, and we'll see you soon at the ranch!



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