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Crazy Caddis Hatches!

June 27, 2024

Yesterday's break in the wind confirmed it- there are massive caddis hatches happening on the Missouri right now! Walk down to our 1.5 miles of private river frontage and watch as pods of fish attack skittering caddis. The consistency of nymphing and dry fly fishing is at its peak. A few weeds have begun to crop up in the usual sections. Missouri River flows have dropped to 4,180 CFS. Water temperatures have risen slightly to 59°F. 

Dry fly fishing was dynamic this week. PMD hatches were excellent when the wind allowed for it, with #16-18 patterns doing most of the work. Caddis provided an excellent opportunity to fool wary trout or for novice anglers to get enthusiastic eats. 

Nymphing is providing action all day long. Whether fished short or long, weight flies, frenchies, and split cases  have all produced excellent fish. Make sure to fight fish efficiently this time of year. Keep them out of the weeds and release them quickly as water temps begin to rise.

Streamer fishing is on the back-burner for the next few months. Keep an eye out for water temps in the mid-to-low 50's as a great time to start throwing streamers again.  

Drop us a line, and we'll see you soon at the ranch!



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