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The 2023 Fly Fishing Season is off to a Great Start!

March 15, 2023

Fly Fishing Update:

A (wonderfully) wet/snowy winter across Montana has created ideal conditions for our 2023 season! Just this morning, we woke up to yet another 6" of snow at the Missouri River Ranch. With the snowpack of relevant watersheds measuring between 106-123% of their 30-year medians, we anticipate strong flows all year long. The river is currently at 4,200 CFS and fishing very well. This will be an incredible year to experience the best fly fishing in Montana!

Midges abound and rising trout follow. The water is covered with swarms of midges, often congregating right beside the boat. When weather conditions allow, rising heads of trout can be seen. Patience, small flies and good drifts are necessary for fooling these trout!

Nymphing has produced beautiful fish in slower sections of water. Trout are not as likely to move for your fly this time of year, due to water temps. Focus on making good mends and ensuring drag-free drifts through likely zones. Set the hook on even the slightest of twitches to your indicator. Pink scuds below a heavier point fly, about 6-8' from you indicator have been the ticket. You're sure to come tight on some healthy Missouri River trout!

Streamer fishinghas produced multiple nice rainbows, despite the bluebird skies. Due to the cold water temps, use a sink tip. Fish your streamers low and slow. Focus on deeper/softer water. Medium-to-small olive and black streamers, have been moving the most fish.

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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