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September Streamer Fishing is Here!

September 12, 2022

Fly Fishing Update: September has blessed the Missouri River with cooler weather, rain, and cloud cover! This past August was exceptionally productive, however, the team at MRR is delighted by the current September fishing conditions. As of this report, the Missouri Rivers flows are at 4240 CFS, and the water temperature is 64°F. The cold snap, colder waters, and cloudier days have kicked off fall fishing! Grab your 6wt, a box of streamers, and get ready for the best fly fishing the Missouri has to offer. Callibaetis! After a summer of wonderful terrestrial fishing, anglers are happy to tie on a Mayfly. When stalking heads, anglers who have casted Callibaetis imitations (think: larger parachute adams) have been handsomely rewarded. As fall continues to develop in the valley, we eagerly await the return of BWOs, and the errant October caddis! Nymphing continues to produce quality fish. Guides are reporting that the zirdle bite has slowed, while pill-poppers and frenchies are consistently catching fish. Streamer fishing... the wait is over! We are happy to report that streamer fishing is solidly "back on the menu". With colder, cloudier days, fishy are beginning to aggressively take streamers. Think thin mints, olive woolybuggers, fruit roll up leeches, etc. A floating line or slower sink tip is the preferred way to fish streamers as of this report. Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!

Missouri River Ranch



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