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September Impresses!

September 6, 2023

Fly Fishing Update:

The first week of September has produced consistent results with fish activity peaking in the first two-thirds of the day. Only a couple weeks before the official start of fall has us eagerly awaiting the aggressive fall feeding and streamer bites. Flows have held in the mid 4,000 CFS range and water temperatures are hovering in the low 60°F range.

Blind casting hoppers has produced some exciting afternoon activity! Anglers who are seeking to scratch the dry fly itch can still get it done with larger terrestrials. Don't be afraid to roll hoppers over likely water to prospect.

Nymphing has picked up fish deep and shallow! If seeking to maximize fish landed, nymphs are the go-to method this time of year. Guides have been fishing both deep runs and shallow pockets.

Streamer fishing continues to improve. Avoid throwing streamers in direct sun and focus on overcast days. Thin mints, olive buggers and flash-n-grabs have all been taking fish!

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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