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Non-stop August Action: Big Fish on Big Dries!

August 10, 2022

Fly Fishing Update: The past week has exceeded our expectations! Despite the heatwave, water temperatures have remained in the mid-to-high 60's, due to cooler temps at night. Flows have remained in the mid 4,000 CFS (4,270 CFS today) range. Our guests reported non-stop action in the mornings and early part of the afternoons. Both hopper fishing, and mid-depth nymphing have produced quality fish. Summer advisory: Try to fish the mornings, use stronger tippet to land fish quickly, and minimize handling/air exposure. Wade fishing cooler tributaries is also an option, this time of year. Speak with one of our fishing experts to figure out how to access these local gems! Tricos are still producing fish, especially during the spinnerfall! Terrestrials, however, are the most exciting way to fish the 'Mo! Hoppers, ants, and general attractors such as Chubbies are catching fish, top-to-bottom. Look to cast these patterns in slightly faster, shallower/oxygenated water for the best results. The terrestrial bite tends to be best in the afternoon-evening. Nymphing & hopper-dropper fishing is fooling trickier fish. In the early mornings (prior to the terrestrial bite), and afternoons when bright sun comes into play, nymphing is the best bet. Streamer fishing continues to be slow, however, dead-drifting zirdle or crayfish patterns have produced a few nice browns! Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!

Missouri River Ranch



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