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Meet your 2023 Missouri River Ranch Team!

April 19, 2023

Meet the MRR team! (From top-to-bottom, row-by-row) Management Team: Jake Shelton & Camille Maiolo Executive Chef: Patrick Martinez; Sous Chef: Jodi Beavers Front of House Supervisor: Trisha Foss; Facilities: Larry Suek Hospitality Attendants: Jessica Johnson & Praewarin Charoenvanich Summer Interns: Laurynn Armstrong & Madisyn Hassler (Not Pictured) Bartender & Server: June Ashment

Fishing Update: Looking back to one year ago today MRR had a snowstorm on opening day. Mother nature has decided to kick off the 2023 season in the same fashion, with another 3" of accumulation last night! The river is still sitting around 5,500 CFS with water temps creeping towards 39°F. Early spring fishing continues to produce quality trout, with most anglers choosing to nymph or fish streamers. Anglers should focus on getting their flies down quickly and extending their drifts for as long as possible with as little drag as possible. Montana FWP's "state of the fishery" report concluded the third highest count of trout in our waters since observations began. There's never been a better time to come experience the 'Mo! One final note, rainbow trout will soon enter the spawn. Rainbows are the most prolific species in our waters, so anglers are taking extra measures to handle their catch carefully, and properly release the fish to keep stress to a minimum. Please do not fish to, or step on, a rainbow trout's redd (spawning bed).

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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