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Dry fly perfection in July!

February 1, 2023

July needs no introduction. All the lore of the Missouri is based around the incredible fishing of July, and almost all of the epic dry fly stories occur during this month.

The Missouri River near Craig, MT is characterized by stable flows, abundant hatches, beautiful weather, and a bustling community in July. Runoff is over, the fish have happily settled into their riffles & runs, and the hatches are as thick as smoke. Pods of rising fish dot the entire river, and anglers can be spotted eagerly wading in their direction.

Caddis, PMDS, Tricos, Ants and Hoppers are ever present during this month. If casting mayfly patterns isn't your speed, try present a large hopper down the banks of the Missouri, and wait for the explosion of a 20"+ brown to annihilate your fly!

July is a fantastic month for wading the private riverbanks of the Missouri River Ranch. With lower flows, incredible structure becomes accessible. After dinner, our guests greatly enjoy catching one last trout, as they fish well into the sunset.

The weather is predominately stable, dry, and sunny. This makes for perfect recreational weather, and all of Montana enjoys the Missouri River valley during this time. We can't wait to welcome you this summer!

Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!



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