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Big Browns on the Missouri, and Increased Flows!

June 8, 2022

Fly Fishing Update: June started of strong, but continues to heat up as the PMD hatch strengthens! With water temps hovering at 53.5°F, we saw flows peak at 5200 CFS yesterday, and stabilize at 4730 CFS today. This is a much needed increase from the ~3000CFS we had been sitting at these past months. Montana, the Missouri River, and MRR is in for an incredible summer of fly fishing. Dry fly fishing is incredible, as fish are freshly keyed in on PMDs. Now is the time to stalk large rising fish, before they get accustomed and more selective throughout the PMD hatch. Reports of fish actively taking caddis have also emerged. Nymph fishing is a solid option again, with the increased water flows. Heavy sow bugs, scuds, and wire worms fished on a longer leader have all been producing. If the wind or flows cause hatches to slow down, indicator fishing has been a great option. Streamer fishing is a great option for anglers who are seeking to switch-it-up! The increased flows have pushed fish into more likely habitat, and our guests have been capitalizing on that action. Drop us a line and we hope to see you soon!

Missouri River Ranch



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